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Aikijudo-jutsu-ryu-zuijin-kami-warrior-guardian-01-768x510Troy Sensei was raised a child of two worlds: the east, and the west.  American-born, trained in the classical spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines of ju jutsu and bushido, he was trained in the manner kindred to the Zuijin [随身] Kami monks.  His spiritual beliefs and sacred vows of obedience to God and the Lord, of poverty, and of non procreation are true to the roots of his Zuijin Kami tomo dachi; brothers in Christ.

Zuijin, known to many American’s as the “fighting monks of Japan,” are recorded through Shinto as the elite order of Christian-Budo warriors; guardian priests and monks famous for their role in protecting the Emperor of Japan.  The direct English translation of Zuijin Kami is, “guardian angel.”

Shrine | Toshogu Shrine, Nikko Japan


The Zuijin order and its spiritual disciplines evolved through Christian influences set forth by Jesuit missionaries. It is believed that most, if not all  Zuijin Kami maintained a Christian spiritual foundation, while simultaneously maintaining a strong connection to the tenants of Budo: the foundation for the code of Japanese warriors developed from the oldest Chinese book; the Chinese Bible; the I-Ching. It is also believed that most, if not all were kangan (saris | masculine eunuch), and opposed to Okama.

Identified and guided spirituality during early childhood, as early as possible, young kangan learned of their existence, identity and purpose with the Lord’s help.  Each studied and developed their unique, prodigious, God-given talents under senpai, sensei, and shihan.  They would eventually use these gifts in service for the greater good of all; for the Kingdom of God.

Kangan serve the Lord’s will, not the will of their fellow man, nor for their own glory.  This is also true for those spiritual clergy (priests and monks) and other dedicated elitist warriors sworn to serve their God and community.  The Sacred Band of Thebes is analogous to many of the same traits:  an elitist group of natural-born saris identified, assembled, and trained in martial arts and weaponry to guard, defend, and serve God’s will.

Mental Disciplines |

Eastern and Western, Spirituality and Theology:  I-Ching using Yin/Yang-symbol providing the mathematical reasoning and interpretation, and the Holy Bible using formal forms of case logic, deductive, and inductive logical structures.

Eastern and Western Philosophy:  case logic, inductive and deductive reasoning; emphasis: 

| Truth:  Divine, Universal, Communal, Familial, Mathematical, Philosophical, and subjective; 

| Virtue, RSI, Utilitarian, Evil, Ethical Theories; 

| Existentialism; Existential Phenomenology; Liupen,

| Natural Law,

| Reality and Human Existence/Rockhurst EDU;

| Morals and Ethics/Rockhurst EDU;

| Morals and Persons/Rockhurst EDU;

| Death and Dying/Rockhurst EDU;

| World Saris Studies (Kangan & Okama born eunuchs) recognition, development, involvement, and treatment within all nations, throughout human history.

| Human Anatomy and Physiology:  First Responder Emergency Medicine, Anatomy and Physiology.

| Physical Sciences:  Physics of the Martial ways.

Physical Disciplines |

Ju Jutsu, Judo, Kenpo-Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Introductory Aikido, and Introductory Kung Fu


Monday, December 31, 2012

The last two years have been tough, as my cancer diagnosis and radiation treatments have taken their toll on my mind, and body.  Continuing to grow stronger each day, I thank the Lord for my life.  Most of my days are now spent in study, reflection, and writing.  My wish for the new year is simple:  for all mankind to slow down enough to see the truth in their lives, and more importantly the partial and absolute untruths with which we are now saturated.  Do not let untruth become the new truth.