The Mental Disciplines

The Mental DisciplinesThe mental disciplines within martial arts training refer to everything from the physiology of brain chemistry and its effects on the body, to the resulting actions of wise reflection of thoughts, the virtuous reflection of ideas, strategies, morals, ethics, and other aspects of traditional Japanese Bushido leading to good and virtuous behavior.

Aikijudo’s curriculum is based on the idea that roughly 80% of a person’s success in self-defense (mental, verbal, and physical) is attributed to their ability to comprehend and successfully incorporate the mental disciplines into their own system.  The 20% of effort remaining is attributed to a students physical training.  It is odd that when viewing today’s self-defense training, we mostly see people heavily engaged in the physical aspects of self-defense training, and not the mental and spiritual disciplines.

It has been said that, “it’s easy to train the body, but difficult to train the mind.”  Perhaps this is the reason why the mental disciplines are not taught today as much as they once were.  This is one aspect of self-defense training that Aikijudo-Jutsu stands apart:  the mental and spiritual disciplines are taught with the same importance as the old masters once maintained.

Philosophy (eastern & western), theology, sociology, history, offensive and defensive tactics, anatomy & physiology and the law constitute the majority of Aikijudo’s mental disciplines.

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