Aikijudo (合気柔道), as a word defined in the English language, is a portmanteau of the most popular and noted didactic adaptations drawn from the oldest named style from Japan:  “ju jutsu” (柔術); AKA “jiu-Jitsu”; AKA “ju jitsu; and perhaps more spellings…

osensei04[1]  The ai comes from the Aikido (合気道) discipline developed by ‘O Sensei Morihei UeshibaAi is also in place to honor Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu.  The most common English translations of ai are joining, unifying, combining, or fitting;

[2]  The ki (気) represents the discipline of learning, practicing, and virtuous use of nature’s energy to support one’s willful intent.  It is mandatory for a student’s development towards the unification of mind and body.  It is also a tremendously beneficial tool for defense when additional energy is required for endurance, and/or massive strength

[3]  The ju (柔) from the original source of Ju Jutsu: methods through which Nage manipulates Uke’s force against them-self rather than confronting Uke’s force opposing with Nage’s force; and

[4]  The  (道) (pronounced “dough”) was added to represent Manuel Sensei’s first love, Judo (柔道).  This was ‘O Sensei Jigoro Kano‘s gift of a pure martial art discipline developed Judo 'O Sensei | Jigoro Kano for gentle sport, physical fitness, self-defense, and traditional tactical and spiritual disciplines stemming from the source; Ju Jutsu.

The fact that  is the last word in the name is significantly relevant to Aikijudo’s meaning and mission.  It is the assurance that all Aikijudo ways: mental, verbal, or physical are used for gentle defense only; the gentle way; or gentle way of war.  It is a reminder to all Aikijudoka (students of Aikijudo), to ensure defensive strategies and techniques are always virtuous and kind; never vicious or cruel.  The seven traits of Bushido are studied and developed to help maintain , the path to mastering gentle behavior in all we do.

The Jutsu (術) from Ju Jutsu simply means, “learning the way.”  The meaning is identical to the adding of “ology” — the study of a thing — to the end of the word or phrase describing that thing.

Ryu (-流) is the Japanese word used to identify a spiritual temple, structure, or school.

A Brief History

The combination of words ai-ki-ju-do have meaning not only in name, they also represent the combined hard work, dedication and integrity of thousands of years of virtuous men and women; past and present.  Aikijudo is the recombining of all that was once Ju Jutsu in spirit, mind, and body, with that which is new and virtuous.

Troy Sensei & Dane Blankenship | First ClassTroy Sensei formed the Aikijudo organization and dojo in 1990 with the permission and assistance of Manuel Sensei.  Located in Overland Park, KS, the first dojo was outfitted and promoted as “Open for Business.”   Troy taught as Senpai during the early years and ran the dojo as such until promoted to Shodan and dojo sensei in 1992.

The school’s main focus is, and has always been to assist those in need; especially those at high risk of personal or professional harm.  Victims of domestic violence and hate crimes constitute the majority of the school’s focus. However, students of all ages and circumstances are accepted by the school.  High-risk groups are enlisted through free seminars, professional associations, and word-of-mouth.

Aikijudo’s Mantra:

“Truth, courage, patience and moderation — the way to true happiness — achieved for all through love”

— Sensei | Updated 5/10/2013